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Why see a Psychologist?

In the journey of life people sometimes get stuck and lose track of where they are going. Many people go through periods where they feel overwhelmed by feelings of sadness, worry or anger.  This may be caused by life stress, traumatic experiences or unresolved conflicts. If left unchecked these difficulties can turn into serious mental health illnesses like Depression or Anxiety.   

Other people find it difficult to traverse certain developmental periods in their life, for example: getting married, adjusting to parenthood, retirement or caring for ageing parents.  Psychotherapy can help people dealing with grief after the loss of a loved one, ending of a relationship, change of career, the diagnosis of disability or an illness or even the process of putting a parent into nursing care.  

Many people believe they do not have anyone they can trust or who they can talk to give them reliable support and advice.  A lot of people feel embarrassed to admit they are having trouble coping and it feels shameful to admit they need help. A Psychologist provides comfort, encouragement and support without judgement and in confidence.   

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