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Embracing your "Unique" child

Recently I was asked to do a talk for a mothers group I belong to. The topic was accepting your unique child. I was quite excited by this opportunity as I don't think any two children are exactly alike and I am a passionate believer that temperament explains a lot about the differences between children.  There is so much focus in the early years about "Milestones" that its hard for parents to remember that whilst all children share similar developmental stages they all approach the world with own personal style.

Have you got the Grumps?

Some times we wake up in a grumpy mood.  It could be due to a bad night sleep, a hangover, exhaustion or "that time of the month". There may not be a sensible reason at all, we just feel blah......Here's the thing. Its okay to have a bad feeling day.

It seems that our world is so focused on immediate gratification and seeking pleasure that we expect that a "good day" must "feel good". This assumption is false. The fact is that our feelings are physiological responses to the stimulus of life.

Winter does not have to bring the Blues

I love the colder weather. Watching the leaves change, seeing your breath dangle in the cold air, the night settling early and the sky turns that clear blue you only see in an Aussie winter. 

Winter means big coats, heaters, stews and hot chocolate.  For many the change of seasons can also mean a visit from the "winter blues".  Many people seem to feel less positive in the colder months. Colder weather brings more indoor activities and often less socialising. This makes people feel isolated and lonely.
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