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Winter does not have to bring the Blues

I love the colder weather. Watching the leaves change, seeing your breath dangle in the cold air, the night settling early and the sky turns that clear blue you only see in an Aussie winter. 

Winter means big coats, heaters, stews and hot chocolate.  For many the change of seasons can also mean a visit from the "winter blues".  Many people seem to feel less positive in the colder months. Colder weather brings more indoor activities and often less socialising. This makes people feel isolated and lonely. Tax time doesn't help either.  Nor does the endless cycle of colds and flu.

We are very lucky in Australia to have a climate that is suited to outdoor activities pretty much all year round. One of the best things for beating winter blues is getting outside in the sunshine. 10minutes of sunlight a day can make a huge difference to your mood and health.  Going for a walk can help you forget about those troubling thoughts. Spending time in nature can also help you reconnect with the bigger picture.

So this winter why don't you get out and about and discover all the glory that a winter has to offer.

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